General Administration Directorate

This Directorate ensures that services and facilities necessary to support the administrative and other functions of the Ministry are available. It also ensures the provision of an effective and efficient system for internal checks.
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Functions of Admin Directorate

Below are the core functions of the Admin Directorate

1. Offering Effective Administrative Support

This will enable the Hon. Minister meet his obligations towards Cabinet and Parliament.  It involves timely preparation of answers to Parliamentary Questions for the Minister to attend upon Parliament Invitation.

2. Preparing Speeches for Hon. Minister

The Admin Directorate plays a lead role in preparing of speeches for Hon. Minister, Minister of State and Deputy Minister.

3. Handling Correspondences

The Directorate is in charge of handling correspondence relating to major issues between Hon. Minister and High Commissioners, Ambassadors and International Organizations etc.

4. Facilitates Events

Playing major administrative role in the organization of Donors Conference, Sod-cutting ceremonies for commencement of road projects and inauguration of completed projects.

5. Administrative Advice to Heads of Agencies and Departments on all matters

6. Assets & Property Management

Refurbishment and retooling of Ministry, official residences of Hon. Minister, Chief Director as well as maintenance of Government accommodation occupied by staff , supervision and management of the ministry’s vehicles, extension of service contracts for the maintenance of office equipment.

7. Advice and Issuance of Circulars

Advice and issuance of circulars, administrative instructions, directives to staff of Ministry of Roads & Highways (MRH) and its Agencies to strengthen best management practices.

8. Effective Record Management

Ensure an effective record management system for the Ministry

9. Public Relations Functions

Collaborate with the PRO in the implementation of effective protocol services for the Minister, Deputy Minister and key personnel of the Ministry.

10. Reporting

Schedule and compile quarterly, annual and special reports for the Ministry and its Agencies.