Purpose of Classification

The System of Classification aims at the proper grading of Contractors into respective categories and financial classes related to the applicants’ capital, annular turnover, equipment holding and personnel, Applicants must satisfy all applicable requirements outlined in this document for the purposes of Classification and registration.

Applicants who are thus classified would be eligible to undertake road and bridge contract awarded by Government and other institutions that may require such certification.

The Classification exercise aims at the proper grading of Contractors into respective categories, and financial classes. Only Contractors thus classified and registered will be eligible to undertake Roads, Bridges and Related Works awarded by Government.

How to Apply for Classification

Prospective Contractors must purchase Application forms from the Accounts Department of the Ministry of Roads and Highways or financial institutions designated by MRH. Applications may also be submitted online at www.mrh.gov.gh.

How to Complete Application Forms

The following notes are intended to assist applicants submit the required information as clearly as possible. If required further clarification, may be obtained from the office of the Road Classification Secretariat, Ministry of Roads and Highways.

A Contractor’s application will be considered non-responsive for failure to provide all of the required information and meeting the Applicable criteria.

Download all Classification Forms and Full Guidelines Here

The list of reclassified road contractors recognized by the Ministry of Roads and Highways to be in good standing to undertake road and bridge works in Ghana, effective 1st January 2023, is provided below. Click to Download Full List.