Procurement Directorate

The Procurement Directorate of the Ministry of Roads and Highways (MRH) is responsible for the procurement of goods, works and services for the Ministry.
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Functions of Procurement Directorate

The functions of the Procurement Directorate are listed below:

1. Implementing Procurement Procedures and Guidelines

These procedures and guidelines used for the engagement of Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers in accordance with national and international guideline.

2. Providing Input and Collaborating with Related Agencies

The directorate provides input into and collaborates with related agencies and the Ministry in the formulation and review of national procurement policies for works, goods and services.

3. Prepare, Coordinate and Monitor the Annual Procurement Plans

These procurement plans cover  all services, goods and works programmes of the Ministry and are collated for the agencies.

4. Developing Standards, Rates and Cost Indicators

These are used for all programmes of the Ministry and its Agencies.

5. Facilitating Road Contractor Classification Committee Work

6. Provides Updates on Various and Bid Evaluation Formats

Updating the Ministry’s and its agencies about the various procedures and bid evaluation formats currently in use

7. Establishing and Reviewing thresholds for Procurement

These thresholds covers procurement of services, goods and works of the agencies under the Ministry.