Ernest Kwame Obeng
Director, RSIM


RSIM conducts research, compiles, and analyses data for the Ministry in particular and the government as a whole.


This directorate serves as a stock for compiling all information pertaining to the Ministry in line with its activities and programmes, thereby maintaining a data bank for effective and efficient decision-making.


Specific functions of the Directorate include:


• Promotion of the use of ICT for a quicker transformation of the operations and business of the Ministry.


• Management of information, conduct research and training of staff in information technology to enhance their efficiency in the provision of services.


• Usage of research findings and information technology to improve the formulation of policy in the Sector.


• Provision of support and assistance to institutions undertaking research into areas that are beneficial to the Ministry.


• Maintenance of an efficient IT infrastructure to enhance efficient service delivery to both the public and private sectors of the economy