Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate

The Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate is primarily responsible for monitoring the projects and programmes implemented by the Ministry and Evaluating the impact of the outputs and outcomes of the projects and programmes on the national economy.
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Functions of M&E Directorate

The Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate performs the following functions:

1. Preparation of contractors’ workload

2. Review of Projects’ Progress Reports

3. Attending site meetings

4. Vetting of Contractors’ Payment Certificates

This includes compensation, interest on delayed payment, fluctuation (i.e. the wrong application of weightings) materials on site etc.

5. Review of Contractual Claims from Projects

6. Monitoring of Performance Indicators

This is based on agreed programmes with the Agencies

7. Developing Monitoring and Reporting Formats

This should be applicable to monitoring of all on-going projects and other  programmes under the Ministry.

8. Identifying and Recommending Strategies

These strategies can be used for improving the construction industry.

9. Preparation and Submission of Annual Programme

These are programme of activities relating to monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry and its Agencies for the ensuing year and associated financial budget with necessary justification not later than the end of the 3rd Quarter of the year.

10. Collation and Compilation of Quarterly and Annual Reports

These are reports of all activities and programmes relating to the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Ministry and its Agencies.