Ing. Phillip Lartey

Director, Public Private Partnerships



The Public Private Partnership (PPP) directorate was established in May 2015 in line with the directive from the Office of the Head of Civil Service which mandates all Ministries, Agencies and Departments to establish PPP units within their establishment.




On a day-to-day basis, the PPP directorate relies on manuals, regulations, acts, guidelines, and policies in the performance of its mandate. These documents are Public-Private Partnerships Act2020 (Act 1039), Public Financial Management (Public Investment Management Regulations, 2020 (LI 241), National Policy on Public-Private Partnerships (2011), Public Procurement Amendment Act 2016 (Act 914), World Bank Procurement Guidelines, and Ministerial Technical Committee Review Guidelines, etc.






The objective of the Directorate is to oversee the Policy direction and Technical backstopping for Public and Privately funded Road Investment Projects including Public Private Partnership projects.


The functions of the Directorate are as follows:


i. Work in collaboration with the Road Agencies to identify and develop a portfolio of Public and Private Road Investment projects.

ii. Coordinate the procurement of Consultants and Transaction Advisors to prepare Pre-feasibility and Feasibility studies.

iii. Review outputs from Consultants and Proponents and facilitate approvals from the
Approving Authorities.

iv. Participate in the procurement of contractors and Bidders including the evaluation of proposals to select a suitable EPC/Contractor/Concessionaire.


v. Manage the cycle chain of activities for Road Investment projects to obtain VFM at all