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Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway project game changer — Dr Bawumia

The Vice-President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has urged the five countries involved in the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway Development Project to ramp […]

Kumawu roads not for election — Minister of Roads

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah, has assured residents of Kumawu that road projects currently ongoing in […]

President Charges Road Users to adhere to safety regulations

President Nana Akufo-Addo has charged road users to consider safety in every decision they take because every life and limb […]

We’ll build better, safer roads in Ghana – Roads Minister

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah, has indicated that his outfit will draw on the rich experience […]

Ghana’s road, bridge designs reviewed

After four years of work with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), engineers with the Ministry of Roads and Highways […]

Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway: 5 regions sensitized against encroachment on Proposed Alignments

Ghana is expected to host over 50% of the six (6)-lane Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway with 567km out of the entire […]

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What does the Ministry of Roads and Highways do?

Ministry of Roads and Highways exists to provide an integrated, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable road transport system responsive to the needs of society, supporting growth and poverty reduction, and capable of establishing and maintaining Ghana as a transportation hub of West Africa.

Who is the current Minister of Roads and Highways?

Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah is the sector Minister responsible for Roads and Highways in Ghana.

What are the core functions of the Minstry of Roads and Highways?

• Policy formulation, monitoring, evaluation, and coordination with regard to the road infrastructure sector.


• Development and Maintenance of Road Infrastructure.


• Improving Road Safety and Environment.


• Financing of Road Maintenance.


• Training of professionals (Engineers, Contractors, etc)

What are the agencies under the Ministry of Roads and Highways?

Ghana Highways Authority


Department of Urban Roads


Department of Feeder roads


Koforidua Training  Centre




Road Fund Secretariat

What is the role of Ghana Highways Authority?

Ghana Highway Authority is charged with the responsibility for the administration, planning, control, development, and maintenance of trunk roads, ferries, and related facilities in the country.

What does the Department of feeder roads do?

Department of Feeder Roads (DFR) is charged with the responsibility for the administration, planning, control, development and maintenance of feeder roads and related facilities in the country.

What is Road Fund Secretariat and its mandate?

Road Fund Secretariat established by Act 536 (1997), is to finance the following activities:

• Routine and Periodic Maintenance of road and related facilities

• Upgrading and Rehabilitation of Roads

• Road Safety Activities

• Selected Road Safety Projects and such other relevant matters as may be determined by the Board.

What are the main sources of funding for the Ministry of Roads and Highways?

The main sources of funding for the Road sub-sector are as follows:

GoG – maintenance, development works, minor rehabilitation, and upgrading.

Donor Funds – maintenance and development works.

Road Fund – mainly for maintenance.

How many Kilometre of roads does Ghana have?


What are Trunk Roads?

The trunk road network provides a smooth, economic, efficient, safe and reliable trunk road network that will minimise road accidents and save lives as well as link the national, regional, district capitals and other major towns, cities and neighbouring countries at optimal cost to support socio-economic development in Ghana.

What are Urban Roads?

The urban road network is to provide safe reliable all-weather accessible roads at optimum cost to reduce the travel time of people, goods and services to promote socio-economic development in Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies.

Operations under this program include major improvement and development works.

Improvements include: Major Rehabilitation and Upgrading.

Development Works: Reconstruction, Construction, Interchanges, Bridges, Consultancy,

Right of way acquisition, Compensation to project affected persons.

The main sources of funding for the Road Construction programme are GoG and Donor Funds.

What are feeder roads?

The feeder road network involves the provision of safe and all weather accessible feeder roads at optimum cost which facilitate the movements of people, goods and services to promote socio-economic development, in particular agriculture

What is routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance is an essential component in the operation and management of a road network and is done more than once a year on the different road surface types.

What is involved in routine maintenance?

• Shoulder Maintenance

• Rehabilitation of Drainage Structures

• Vegetation control

• Pothole patching

• Grading

• Desilting, shoulder maintenance, rehabilitation of drainage structures, vegetation control, and pothole patching, grading.

What is periodic maintenance?

Periodic maintenance is an essential component in the operation and management of a road network and this is done over a long period of time (usually a number of years).

What does periodic maintenance involve?

Periodic Maintenance involves the following operations:

• Spot Improvement

• Re-gravelling

• Resealing

• Asphaltic Overlay

• Partial Reconstruction

• Maintenance of Bridges

What are the objectives of routine and periodic maintenance?

• To preserve initial investment on the roads;

• To reduce the cost of future interventions;

• To reduce vehicle operating cost and travel time;

• To improve riding comfort.

What is minor rehabilitation?

Minor rehabilitation is improving existing roads by providing adequate drainage structures, minimal changes in horizontal and vertical alignment. In some cases, existing roads may be widened.

Minor rehabilitation involves the following operations:

• Minor Upgrading

• Construction of culverts and other drainage structures.

What is the Road Safety Environment programme?

The Road Safety and Environment Programme is responsible for the following:

• Timely identification of road hazards;

• Speedy response to complaints from communities on-road hazards;

• Effective road safety audit involving the inspection and analysis of road hazards and prescription of measures to abate hazard;

• Enforcement of axle load limits;

• Control of adverse social and environmental impacts.

• Installation and Maintenance of Road Furniture (Road signs, crash barriers etc)

• Roadline Marking

• Provision of Speed Calming Measures

Road Safety audits, educational activities, and treatment of accident black spots are carried out in conjunction with the National Road Safety Commission. This is to ensure that the roads being designed or maintained are made safe and also to educate users on the correct use and meaning of signs that are put in place to reduce accidents.

The main sources of funding for the Road Safety and Environment program are GoG and Donor Funds.