Jasikan – Dodo Pepesu Road 95% Completed

The 56.4km Hohoe – Jasikan – Dodo Pepesu Road is 98% completed.  The project started in August 2018 and is expected to be fully completed in June 2022. 

The contractor, Sinohydro Corporation Ltd of China, has completed all works under the contract with the section of the road from Jasikan through Kadjebi to Dodo Pepesu (56.4km) now fully asphalted, including the installation of road signs and speed humps.  What is left is about 11km of road line marking.  

According to a project brief sighted by the Public Relations Unit of the Ministry, the road traverse through two (2) districts, namely, the Jasikan District Assembly in the Volta Region and Kadjebi District Assembly in the Oti Region and links Togo through a town Called Menuso.

It forms part of the Eastern Corridor Road that links the southern part of the country to the northern part and the neighbouring countries. It is also part of the National Road, N2 of the Ghana Highway Authority Road Classification System.

“The completion of the road will provide relief to the population along the corridor who are farmers engaged in the production of staples. The project also serves as a major yam route from the Northern region to the Southern part of Ghana,” the brief said.

It further states that “the road is expected to improve the socio-economic life of the people by enhancing the free movement of goods, services, and people, reducing travel time and vehicle operating costs. It will also enhance the work of the newly created Regions and Districts by improving communication among them”.

According to the brief, the first 17km is intended to improve the road by the provision of triple bituminous surface treatment that includes re-engineering of the vertical and horizontal alignments of sections of the road to improve sight distance and enhance the overall safety of the road; widening of the carriageway to the National road width of 12.3m including 2.5m shoulders on both sides; extension of the existing culverts to cater for the widening of the road, and construction of new culverts of various sizes to improve the drainage conditions along the road; construction of 2,600m u-drains of varying sizes in the communities along the route and 9,356m trapezoidal drains of varying sizes in towns and at the foot of cut sections and on high gradients.

Others are the construction of pavement made up of 200mm natural gravel sub-base overlain with 200mm crushed rock base and triple bituminous surface dressing as finishing and the provision of road furniture and safety features.

The project is an EPC Contract between the Government of Ghana and Sinohydro Corporation Limited of China under the MASTER PROJECT SUPPORT AGREEMENT (MPSA)


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