31 Road Construction Companies Reclassified

The Ministry of Roads and Highways has issued reclassification certificates to thirty-one road construction companies after they have been vetted and reclassified by the newly reconstituted Road Classification Committee.

Another thirty-nine companies have gone through the reclassification process awaiting the issuance of certificates by the Ministry.

It will be recalled that in September last year, the Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah, inaugurated a 9-member committee chaired by Ing. Dr Abass M. Awolu, Chief Director of the Ministry to grade road contractors into respective categories and financial classes.

Explaining the significance of the exercise during the inauguration last year, the Minister said “the exercise is to put contractors in their rightful categories. We are not preventing anybody from working, but you must get the right classification for the right jobs.”

The Ministry, through various public notices, has encouraged all road contractors to take advantage of the reclassification process currently ongoing to be reclassified since only road contractors who are reclassified and registered will be eligible to undertake roads, bridges and related works awarded by the government.

Below is the list of the Thirty-One reclassified road construction companies:

 1 First Sky Ltd A1B1S1
 2 Midwest Contract Works Ltd A1B1
 3 Poly Changda Overseas Eng. Co. Ltd A1FB1F1S1F
 4 Justmoh Construction Ltd. A1B1
 5 Kings Engineering and Construction A2B2
 6 My Turn Ltd. A1B1S1
 7 Ussuya (Ghana) Ltd A1B1
 8 Zonda Tec Ghana Ltd A1B1
 9 Joshob Construction Co. Ltd A1B1
 10 Kingspok Company Ltd A1B1
 11 Attachy Construction Ltd A1B1
 12 Resources Access Ltd A1B1
 13 Amandi Investment Ltd A1B1
 14 China Jiangxi Engineering Ghana Ltd A1B1
 15 Cymain Ghana Ltd A1B1
 16 Erdmac Company Ltd A1B1
 17 Fekams Company Ltd A1B1
 18 Mchud Developers & Construction Ltd A3B3
 19 Ashcal Investment Ltd A1B1
20 Oswal Investments                 A1B1
21 Sinohydro Ghana Ltd A1FBF
 22 Rolider Ghana Ltd A1B1
 23 General Construction & Dev. Ltd A1B1
 24 Kingdwosco Ent. Ltd. A1B1
 25 Memphis Metropolitan Ltd A1B1S1
   26 Mawums Ltd A1B1
   27 China Geo-Engineering Corporation Ghana Ltd A1FB1F
 28 Kofi Jobs Company Ltd A1B1
 29   Maripoma Enterprise Ltd A1B1S1L1
 30 Hardwick Ltd A1B1S1L1
 31 Volta Impex Ltd   A1B1S1L1

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